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BBQ CHICKEN NACHOS Difficulty 1/5 Prep Time 10 MINS Cook Time 45 MINS Serves 4-6 Hardwood MAPLE These ain’t your regular nachos. This smokin’ recipe features wood-fired chicken, Traeger BBQ sauce, and all the fixin’s, for a unique twist on a household favorite. * * * INGREDIENTS * * * 1-1/4 LBS. CHICKEN BREASTS, BONELESS, SKINLESS TRAEGER PORK & POULTRY RUB, AS NEEDED 1/2 TO 3/4 CUP TRAEGER 'QUE…

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HONEY ROASTED BOURBON GLAZED TURKEY Difficulty 3/5 Prep Time 30 MINS Cook Time 3 HOURS Serves 8-12 Hardwood MAPLE You’ll be lifting your whiskey glass to our Honey Bourbon Glazed Turkey recipe. This one-of-a-kind recipe features Traeger’s Fin & Feather Rub, your favorite bourbon, and fresh turkey for top-shelf wood-fired flavor. * * * INGREDIENTS * * * TURKEY 1 (16-18 LBS) TURKEY 1/4 CUP TRAEGER CHICKEN RUB WHISKEY…

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WHOLE GRILLED RED SNAPPER Difficulty 3/5 Prep Time 10 MINS Cook Time 40 MIN Serves 1 Hardwood MESQUITE Get hooked on amazing wood-fired flavor with Traeger’s grilled red snapper recipe. We’re searing this fish hot and fast with the unbeatable power of our new D2® drivetrain, then serving it up with micro greens, for a smokin’ seafood experience like no other. * * * INGREDIENTS * * *…

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