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Ultimate 2 Burner Griddle - Pit Boss
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In the Pit Boss® Ultimate Iron, innovation meets versatility. This griddle with two removable burners seamlessly combines power, portability and precision to create a one-of-a-kind griddle that delivers a bigger result.

PITBOSS Barbecues

Bigger, Heavier, Hotter! This is their motto when building their barbecues and smokers for the best quality and cooking experience. Their name says it all, they are the bosses of grills.

Pit Boss is a brand that has experienced rapid sales growth, not only in the United States but in many other countries. If you like to enjoy a large barbecue, you'll love the ones made by this company, especially if you tend to get together with a lot of people. Among its charms, you will find combos, which allow you to cook differently on each occasion.


What brand is PIT BOSS?

Pit Boss is a company with a presence in over 30 countries, dedicated to offering competitive, premium quality products and delivering superior results without compromising integrity, and values dedicated to customers and families.

Their motto is Bigger, Hotter, Heavier. A motto that explains their way of working by offering products at the forefront of technology, with robust and durable materials and making the most of their cooking zone.

In 2020, Pit Boss has proclaimed the eighth fastest-growing brand and one of the top-selling brands per unit in the United States, according to SimilarWeb in the Home & Garden category. This is thanks to the company's strong performance and customer confidence in the brand.


Everything the Pit Boss brand has to offer

The Pit Boss brand has been able to innovate in the world of barbecues, resorting to eye-catching aspects for those who enjoy good food. Who doesn't love a well-served and appetising dish? That is why this company has chosen to present you with an extra-large barbecue, where it is not difficult to imagine a freshly cooked piece of meat, also large.

So that you won't be left wanting to enjoy huge steaks roasting on the coals or a multitude of food cooked at the same time, this brand offers you plenty of space to carry out your desires. Another aspect with which it has managed to seduce the user is the high-quality material with which it manufactures its barbecues, guaranteeing a long life for its products.

With the latest technology, it allows you to cook amazingly, getting the most out of your meals. Not only will you enjoy an incredible flavour, but you will also enjoy its speed and excellent heat distribution, achieving the exact point in your meat, fish and vegetables.

The brand highlights the quality of its barbecues, capable of performing 8 different types of cooking. Thus, you can roast, grill, bake, barbecue, braise, brown and smoke the food of your choice.


Advantages of buying a Pit boss barbecue

Heat distribution

One of the qualities that make these barbecues stand out is the grill opening system that allows you to cook with direct or indirect heat.



If you want a barbecue with the versatility of using multiple fuels Pit Boss has created these all-in-one combos. The options can be 'gas with pellets' or 'gas and charcoal' or 'gas, charcoal and smoke'.


8 in 1

Pellet barbecues offer 8-in-1 cooking versatility, for smoking, baking, braising, roasting, grilling, barbecuing, barbecue, high-temperature grilling and browning.


Types of Pit Boss Barbecues

Pellet Barbecues

The Pit Boss speciality is the Pit Boss Pellet Barbecue, a fully automated smoking and cooking system revolutionising the concept of barbecue cooking.

Pit Boss pellet barbecue is the master creation of this brand. An automated system, offers you a unique experience, constituting a revolution. One of its advantages is the different models that you can find. In this form, you can choose the design that best matches your garden or the place where you decide to show it off because it adds an extra touch of elegance. They are also one of the only brands that offer the option of an open flame, as these types of barbecues are normally used for indirect cooking and with Pit Boss barbecues we can cook with direct fire in one section of the grill.

They have an easily recognisable classic look if you compare this barbecue with those of other brands. But, its best achievement is the result it gives to your food. Of course, you can't miss its professional character, designed for true lovers of food prepared in the traditional style.

Although it does not only give you the possibility of cooking on the embers. In its combos, you can find many other options to achieve exclusive dishes. In a single barbecue, you have the possibility of pellet, gas and charcoal cooking.

As far as the facilities are concerned, there are many when it comes to cooking. From side shelves that will serve as a support for storing the grilled food, to the function provided by its internal fan, which distributes all the heat evenly, favouring the cooking of your food.

There are other tools to complete the satisfaction of a barbecue day. Depending on the model, you can find a bottle opener, a side table for placing ingredients or drinks, internal temperature control, etc.


Combo barbecues

If you are looking for versatility, Combo Barbecues will always be the best option you can find. You can mix between Gas/Charcoal and now even pellets.

You can also divide the work area, working in one area with one fuel at higher temperatures and in others with other fuels at lower temperatures. A cleaner form of cooking and working.


Charcoal Barbecues

We love Charcoal Barbecues, that's why we bring you from Pit Boss a different product, with a ceramic coating that will help you to reach higher temperatures, and better preserve temperatures and smoke if necessary.

Although they may seem to be the most common, they are not as popular as pellet stoves. However, if you are looking for practicality, you will see easily transportable models, due to their small size.

Their ceramic cover allows the heat to be retained inside for longer, speeding up the cooking time and increasing the temperature if you choose to smoke. Its side trays stand out, which will help you when you get down to work.


Gas Barbecues

These barbecues are smaller than the ones described above. As an advantage, they can be used inside your kitchen, in a more sheltered environment, if you prefer.

Easy to install, you will achieve incredible and healthier dishes, as you do not need to cook with oil, thus reducing fat levels. You can regulate them, thanks to the controls on the bottom, which make it easier to control the temperature. They also have side trays, which are always very useful if you decide to do a lot of cooking.

Pit Boss knows very well what its customers want, that's why it offers you many barbecue options. From outdoor appliances, with incredible dimensions, to a smaller gas barbecue, so that you can enjoy the best flavour of cooking in your home.

Gas Barbecues are widely used because of their convenience. Imagine the possibilities you can have if you have a barbecue adapted to your needs.

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