Apple Pellets - Traeger
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Apple Pellets - Traeger

Traeger premium quality wood pellets. Made of 100% natural hardwood and manufactured in Trager's mills. The manufacture of its pellets guarantees that from the mill to the grill, the taste of the wood is in the food.
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With our Traeger Apple pellet line, you will get a light, slightly fruity smoky taste that will naturally enhance vegetables, pork and chicken. To perfect the world of outdoor cooking, natural wood changes the rules of the game. For 30 years Traeger has been perfecting the recipe for the pure taste of wood. Traeger's premium hardwood blend comes from the United States and has the right composition for balanced and reliable combustion.
  • 100% natural and manufactured from recycled materials.
  • Ideal for cooking: vegetables, baked goods, pork and poultry.
  • Made in the USA.
9.10 kg