Pellet Barbecue Timberline 1300 - Traeger
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Pellet Barbecue Timberline 1300 - Traeger

Here we present you the King of all the Traegers. If you want to have the best and have the whole neighbourhood talking about the barbecues you do, this one will do it.
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WIFIRE technology is not fooling around, besides, with the comfort of controlling your barbecue from your mobile, it will make everything less complicated. You can organise large gatherings with friends and family thanks to the three heights of the stainless steel grills as if you wanted to cook twelve whole chickens at once! Features
  • Timberline D2® Control Panel
  • WiFIRE® Technology
  • Timberline D2®Direct Drive
  • TurboTemp® - The
  • Super smoked
  • Recipe guide®
  • Three heights of stainless steel grills
  • The double inner layer of stainless steel
  • Pellet Sensor
  • Bamboo magnetic cutting board
  • Built-in anti-fat system
  • Cooking area 1300 Pul. Cua.
  • Hopper capacity 10,5 Kg
  • Total weight of 102 Kg
  • Max temperature 260ºC
  • Outside
  • 130 cm high
  • 116,84 cm" Width
  • 12" Background
  • Inside
  • Grill 1: 363 Pul. Cu.
  • Grill 2: 308 Inches Cu.
  • Grid 3: 198 in. Cu.