Crazy Chicken Rub 220 g - Don Marco's
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Crazy Chicken Rub 220 g - Don Marco's

Is your chicken too normal for you? Too bland and boring? We can help you with the "Crazy Chicken". Because genius and madness are known to be very close to each other.

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Its moderately spicy and slightly salty taste blends perfectly with the flavours of the curry. With this "mad" curry mix you can prepare poultry or white fish.

In case you fancy a larger dish and are not interested in meat or fish, "Crazy Chicken" can also be added to wok dishes.

Dry rub the food to be roasted with the seasoning mixture and moisten with a little oil if necessary.

Can also be used as a liquid marinade with fruit juice, yoghurt or oil.

Ingredients: Iodised salt, unrefined cane sugar, curry, turmeric, chilli, onion and garlic.

Nutritional Value

Per 100g

Calorific value

1185 KJ/ 283 Kcal


9,9 g

Of which saturated fat  

1,6 g


34,8 g

Of which sugars               

5,2 g


13,2 g


9,98 g


This product contains no ingredients of animal origin and is vegan.

It does not contain gluten.

Allergens: None

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