Mezcla de Especias Mafia Coffee 220 g - Don Marco's
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Mezcla de Especias Mafia Coffee 220 g - Don Marco's

You've never been so close to the mafia before 🕴, and that's why we bring you one of the closest experiences you'll ever get. On your food, no less.

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This "Mafioso" makes you an offer you can't refuse. Incredibly delicious red meat with a personal, uncompromising touch. This is the "Café de la Mafia".


Aromatic herbs, fine espresso and the natural spiciness of chilli. A combination that is a great taste experience for lamb, veal and game. You will certainly forget any "business talk" at the table.


If that's not enough, "Mafia Coffee" can also be used to refine poultry or sauces. We don't recommend horse's head though.


Ingredients: Sea salt, unrefined cane sugar, oregano, pepper, soluble coffee beans (contains a maximum of 0.14% caffeine), tomato powder, chilli, onion and garlic.


Nutritional Value

Per 100g

Calorific Value

943 KJ/225 Kcal


3,6 g

Of which saturated fat

0,6 g


42,6 g

Of which sugars

34,6 g


4,9 g


32,7 g


This product contains no animal ingredients and is vegan.


Allergens: None

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