PigWing Rub 220 g - Don Marco's
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PigWing Rub 220 g - Don Marco's

A dream come true, together with PigWing. Unheard of, a perfect flavour for your 🍗🍗 wings, take advantage now.

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PigWing is not only a seasoning that has been sold all over the world, it has also helped several teams to win countless barbecue competitions. Almost no competition is held without it, and for good reason.


PigWing's unmistakable slight spiciness doesn't just give your wings or poultry the taste of Bacon, it makes them a real porky treat.


And of course, you can use the rub not only for chicken, as it is also great for pork, poultry or vegetables. But also for the simple fried egg or as a condiment for fried potatoes. Creativity knows no limits


Ingredients: Sea salt, unrefined cane sugar, paprika, pepper, onion, sesame seeds, smoked salt (iodised salt), natural flavouring.


Nutritional Value

Per 100g

Calorific Value

887 KJ/212 Kcal


4,9 g

Of which saturated fat

0,8 g


38,6 g

Of which sugars

31,7 g


4,7 g


39,6 g


This product contains no ingredients of animal origin and is vegan.


Allergens: Sesame seeds

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