30.5 cm Bamboo Skewers – Napoleon

Elevate your barbecues with our 30.5 cm Bamboo Skewers. Diseñadas para los entusiastas de las brochetas grandes y de alta calidad, estas brochetas son un complemento esencial para cualquier evento al aire libre.

✅ High-Strength Bamboo: They ensure exceptional durability, keeping the food firm.

✅ Optimal Size: 30 units of 30.5 cm, ideal for stylish skewers and appetizers.

✅ Practical Design: Tab at the end for easy handling and rotation on the grill.

✅ Eco-Friendly: Disposable or recyclable, made from a renewable resource.

✅ Versatile: Suitable for various cooking surfaces, from grills to barbecues.

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Product description

The 30.5 cm Bamboo Skewers are an excellent choice for those looking for large, high-quality skewers for their barbecues. These skewers are not only ideal for barbecues but also a variety of other culinary uses.

Durability and Strength of Bamboo

Bamboo is known for its strength and durability. These skewers are made to withstand the heat of the grill without breaking or bending, ensuring that your food is cooked evenly and safely.

Practical and Functional Design

With a length of 30.5 cm and a flat construction, these skewers are easy to handle and turn. The tab at the end allows for a secure grip and facilitates the rotation of the skewer on the grill, ensuring even cooking.

Eco-Friendly and Easy to Use

Made from bamboo, a renewable resource, these skewers are an eco-friendly option for your barbecue events. Moreover, they are disposable or recyclable, simplifying cleanup after use.

Versatility in the kitchen

Beyond barbecue, these skewers are useful for a variety of cooking methods, such as griddles and smooth surfaces for grilling. Their sturdiness makes them ideal for holding different types of food, from meats to vegetables.

Elegant and Professional Presentation

The length and quality of these skewers make them perfect for presenting appetizers and dishes elegantly and professionally. They are ideal for impressing guests at any gathering or event.


  • Length: 30,5 cm.
  • Material: Bamboo, a strong natural fibre that grows quickly without the need or use of pesticides.
  • Recommended Use: Ideal for appetizers, kebabs, and other foods, suitable for grilling or any other type of cooking.
  • Resistance: Designed to be resistant, preventing food from splitting or turning when skewered.
  • Design: Robust and flat, facilitating the loading of food without breaking it.
  • Tip: Sharp, for easy insertion of food.
  • Extrem: With a tab, facilitating its grip and manipulation, especially useful for turning them on the grill.
  • Versatility: Suitable for a variety of cooking surfaces such as griddles, grilling plates, smooth grilling surfaces, barbecues, and burners.
  • Presentation: Aesthetically appealing, ideal for serving food to guests.
  • Storage: They can be loaded in advance and stored in the freezer, refrigerator, or at room temperature without affecting the material or the food.
  • Sustainability: Sourced from a renewable resource, with the option to be disposable or recyclable.
  • Quantity: Set of 30 skewers.
  • Maintenance: Easy to clean, representing a convenient option for the kitchen.

Technical specifications

Weight 0,06 kg
Dimensions 34 × 23 × 32 cm

Data Sheet

Weight 0,06 kg
Dimensions 34 × 23 × 32 cm

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