Whiskey Barrel Pellets 9.07 KG - Pit Boss
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Whiskey Barrel Pellets 9.07 KG - Pit Boss

A sweet taste, with a smoky aroma, a perfect blend for the most carnivorous ???. Enter the world of pellets, with something unique, a strong and robust aroma. Get the most out of your barbecue.
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The distinctive aroma of the Whiskey barrel will make your cooking unique, without artificial flavours thanks to its 100% natural formula. Giving a unique touch to your barbecue, with a stronger and longer-lasting burn. Enhance your barbecue experience with our pellet bag. A product brought to you by Barbecue World. Experience the world of pellets to the next level.
  • Barbecue pellet mix from oak-aged Whiskey barrels.
  • Unmistakable oak flavour
  • It Burns hotter, burns longer and cleaner
  • 100% natural, no artificial flavours, binders or additives
  • Wood sourced from all over North America
9.07 kg

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