Hickory Blend Pellets 9.07 KG - Pit Boss
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Hickory Blend Pellets 9.07 KG - Pit Boss

Pit Boss Competition Blend is a complex but selective blend that is versatile and can be used with anything. No artificial flavours, spray flavourings, glues or chemicals.
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Pit Boss hardwood pellets are 100% natural. Sourced from all over North America, our raw wood makes for a superior end product. Applying high pressure to the sawdust during production causes the natural wood juice to bind the pellets together with a flavour that is unique to each blend. Pit Boss Hickory hardwood pellets produce a strong, smoky flavour that is ideal for beef, pork, poultry and vegetables. 100% natural, with no artificial flavours, binders or additives Sourced throughout the United States
9.07 kg

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