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Bigger, Heavier, Hotter!

This is their motto when building their barbecues and smokers to get the best quality and experience for cooking.
Their name says it all, they are the leaders of the grills.

Make the difference

Heat distribution

Some of the qualities that stand out in these barbecues are the grill opening system that allows you to cook with direct or indirect fire, only in the Navigator models.


If you want a barbecue with the versatility of using several fuels, Pit Boss has created these combos to have everything in one. The options can be ‘gas with pellets’ or ‘gas and coal’ or ‘gas, coal and smoke’.

8 in 1

Pellet Barbecues offer the versatility of 8-in-1 cooking, for smoking, baking, broiling, roasting, broiling, barbecue, high-temperature roasting, and browning.

The best flavors

Why choose pitboss?

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