Smoked Garlic Pepper 140 g - Don Marco's
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Smoked Garlic Pepper 140 g - Don Marco's

If you like garlic, why not smoked garlic? We like new things, that's why we bring "La Pimienta" to you.

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Do you like garlic? You will love it, even more, when it is smoked.

Thanks to its excellent ingredients from all corners of the earth, such as Tellicherry pepper from the Periyar nature reserve (India), chilli flakes from Asia, smoked chipotle chillies from Mexico and smoked garlic from Austria, your steak will have the taste of smoke and garlic without being too intrusive.


Flavour: Smoked garlic, chilli flakes and Tellicherry pepper provide a warm, full-bodied flavour.


Ingredients: Tellicherry pepper 43%, sea salt, smoked garlic 13% (garlic, smoke), chipotle chilli, chilli.

Nutritional Value

Per 100g

Calorific Value

968 KJ/231 Kcal


2,2 g

Of which saturated fat

0,5 g


41,5 g

Of which sugars

5,9 g


7,7 g


28 g

7 cm
12 cm
7 cm
0.22 kg