Pizza Oven "One" - Alfa Forni
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Pizza Oven "One" - Alfa Forni

We know you want to bring the heart of Italy, specifically a little piece of Naples ?. Worry no more, Barbecue World brings you your oven. Both wood and gas. Something unique, that only you will have. Create your own little restaurant ? at home ?.
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Several years after the first stainless steel oven launch, here comes the new Alfa ONE portable wood and gas oven, compact, light (50 kg) and with an unbeatable design. You can take it home and set it up in just 5 minutes: screw on the legs, insert the chimney and the hat and the party is about to begin! ONE goes from 0° to 500°C in just 10 minutes and cooks pizza in 90 seconds. Dimensions (73x55x48 cm) and weight (50 kg) The ideal portable oven to reach the high temperatures of authentic Neapolitan pizza. Thanks to the patented Alfa deflector, the heat gradually escapes from the chimney and guarantees excellent performance. The ONE oven cavity is designed to maximise heat and better rotate the pizzas. Insert small logs to light the oven in the centre inside the wood basket. Three or four small logs are sufficient to heat the oven. Ten minutes after ignition, move the wood basket to the oven's left side and close the door for ten minutes. To maintain a constant temperature, add thick pieces of wood no larger than 5 cm every 15 minutes. At the end of cooking, close the door to turn off the fire. Remove the ashes only when the oven is completely cool.
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Número de personas
Hasta 10 Personas
Temperatura máxima
500° C
Número de pizzas
Hornada de pan
1-2 kg