Charcoal Blackstone Premium 7kg – Napoleon

✅ Premium Quality: Charcoal blocks of hardwood, carefully selected for unsurpassed quality.

✅ High Temperature: Capable of up to 500°C, perfect for grilling to perfection.

✅ Fast and Powerful Combustion: Quick and easy ignition, reaches optimum temperature in just 15 minutes.

✅ Extended Duration: Burns consistently for up to 2 hours, ideal for extended grilling sessions.

✅ 100% Natural: Free of chemical additives, guaranteeing a pure and authentic taste in your food.

✅ Certified Sustainability: It is FSC certified, ensuring that it comes from responsibly managed forests.

✅ Ease of cleaning: Generates less ash, simplifying post-roasting cleaning.

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Product description

Blackstone Premium 7kg is an exceptional barbecue charcoal that guarantees a superior cooking experience for barbecue enthusiasts looking for quality and performance. This charcoal is composed of selected oak, beech, birch, hornbeam and alder wood, providing a powerful and consistent heat source ideal for grilling to perfection.

High Quality Charcoal Lump Wood

The wood chips used in Blackstone Premium are of the highest quality, and carefully selected to ensure efficient combustion. This charcoal reaches temperatures of up to 500°C, allowing food to be cooked quickly and evenly, which is ideal for cooking techniques that require high temperatures.

Pure and Natural Combustion

Composed entirely of natural materials, Blackstone Premium is 100% natural charcoal that contains no chemical additives, ensuring that food retains its pure, authentic flavour. This charcoal holds its ember for up to 2 hours, offering an extended barbecue session without the need for constant refilling.

Ideal for perfectly grilled steaks

Blackstone Premium’s high temperature and even combustion make it ideal for grilling steaks and other meats, achieving a perfect sear and a juicy cooked inside. Grilling enthusiasts will be able to enjoy gourmet results in the comfort of their own homes.

Environmentally Friendly and Certified

Produced in Poland under strict quality standards, this charcoal is FSC C186306 certified, ensuring that it comes from responsibly managed forests. The DIN EN 1860-2: 2023 certification also guarantees that the product complies with European regulations in terms of safety and quality.

Ease of Use and Cleanliness

Blackstone Premium is easy to light and reaches optimum temperature in just 15 minutes, allowing more time to enjoy with friends and family. It also produces less ash at the end of cooking, making it easier to clean and maintain the grill.


  • Characteristics of coal: Clean burning, 100% natural, fast burning and very hot.
  • Wood used: Mixture of oak, beech, birch, hornbeam and alder.
  • Ignition time: Reaches the right temperature in just 15 minutes.
  • Duration of burning: Up to 2 hours.
  • Maximum temperature: Up to 500°C.
  • Waste: It produces less ash, making it easier to clean.
  • Taste: Provides a robust and delicious flavour to grilled dishes.
  • Ideal use: Recommended for perfectly grilled steaks.
  • Certifications:
    • Regulations: DIN EN 1860-2: 2023.
    • Registration number: 3H191.
    • FSC-certified: C186306, guarantees that the charcoal comes from well-managed forests.
  • Country of manufacture: Poland.
  • Warning: The use of alcohol, petrol or other flammable liquids for ignition is not recommended.

Technical specifications

Weight 7 kg

Data Sheet

Weight 7 kg

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