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✅ 10 kg bag: optimal quantity for multiple uses.

✅ Large pieces of wood: guarantee a long burning time and ideal temperatures.

✅ 100% acacia charcoal: from well-managed forests, reflecting a commitment to sustainability.

✅ Premium Origin: from South Africa, the home of high quality restaurant coal.

✅ Specialised carbonisation process: ensures a carbon-rich charcoal, ideal for roasts requiring high temperatures.

✅ Multiple applications: ideal for barbecues, filtration systems, cosmetic and medicinal products.

✅ Environmental commitment: conscious production with the lowest possible environmental impact.

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SKU: 16103

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Product description

The 10 Kg Acacia Charcoal is a premium choice for those looking for the perfect combination of quality, sustainability and efficiency for their barbecue sessions. With its specific origin and carefully managed production, this charcoal represents the best in terms of performance and environmental friendliness.

Large Chunks for Prolonged Burn Time

This charcoal is distinguished by its large wood chunks, a feature that ensures a longer burn time. Ideal for barbecues that require a constant and long-lasting heat source, these large chunks ensure that every barbecue is a non-stop experience with optimal results.

The Perfect Quantity for Multiple Uses

The presentation in a handy 10 kg bag makes this charcoal ideal for both occasional and regular use. This quantity is perfect for ensuring that you always have enough charcoal on hand, without the need to buy frequently.

Quality and Sustainability

Sourced from well-managed forests, Acacia 10 Kg Charcoal is 100% charcoal, reflecting a commitment to environmental sustainability. This responsible approach ensures that every purchase contributes to the conservation of natural resources and supports responsible forestry practices.

Origin and Production Process

The choice of acacia wood, which originates from South Africa, is no coincidence. This wood is known for its high quality and is widely used in the production of charcoal for top restaurants. The high temperature carbonisation process guarantees a carbon-rich and high quality charcoal.

Commitment to the Future

The commitment to sustainability is reflected not only in the choice of wood but also in the transparency regarding environmental impact. The production of this charcoal is carried out with careful consideration of the effects on the environment, including emissions and responsible management of forest resources.


  • Weight: 10 Kg
  • Type of wood: Acacia
  • Origin of Wood: South Africa
  • Physical characteristics:
    • Large pieces of wood
    • Length of burn time
  • Composition: 100% Charcoal from well-managed forests
  • Recommended Use: Ideal for roasts requiring high temperatures
  • Origin and Production Process:
    • Method: Charring of acacia wood
    • Process: Burning of wood at temperatures above 500 °C in the absence of oxygen
    • Result: Charcoal rich in carbon
  • Properties of Acacia Charcoal:
    • Porosity: High
    • Fragility: Moderate
    • Carbon content: High
    • Calorific value: Significant, making it fuel efficient
  • Potential Uses:
    • Heat and Power Generation: Efficient use in barbecues and heating systems
    • Filtration: Applicable in water and air filtration systems
    • Agriculture: Used as soil amendment
    • Cosmetics and Medicine: Due to their absorbent and purifying properties
  • Environmental Impact:
    • Emissions: Greenhouse gases during production
    • Pollution: Possible air and water pollution
    • Ecological Effects: Impact on ecosystems and local communities
    • Global Warming: Contribution to climate change from coal burning
  • Sustainability and Alternatives:
    • Mitigation Measures: Sustainable production practices
    • Alternatives: Use of alternative and greener coal sources

Technical specifications

Weight 10,18 kg

Data Sheet

Weight 10,18 kg

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