Tennessee Whiskey Barrel Pellets 18.14kg - Louisiana Grills
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Tennessee Whiskey Barrel Pellets 18.14kg - Louisiana Grills

The Louisiana grills Tennessee Whiskey Barrel Wood pellets are your one-stop shop to an unbelievable strong and sweet aroma. You´re taste buds Will be salivating even before you start grilling. A Little pre barbecue foreplay if you Will.  

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This 18.14kg bag of Wood pellets is made from 100% hardwood blends, meaning there are no artificial additives or binders mixed in there. Perfect for grilling beef, fish, or even baking. If you use pellets, you´re looking at the next staple in your grilling repertoire.

  • Strong, Sweet aroma offering you a Delicious and tangy smoke.
  • Fantastic for beef, fish and even baking! Experiment with your wildest grilling dreams.
  • Made from 100% hardwood pellets, no additives or binders.
  • Compressed at high pressure to allow the natural moisture in the Wood to bind the pellets.
  • Offers as an 18,14kg bag
18.14 kg

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