Burner Cleaning Kit – Napoleon

✅ Angled Cleaning Brush: Perfect for reaching every corner and removing stubborn residues.

✅ Fire Container Scraper: Ideal for removing ashes and burnt debris without damaging the steel of your barbecue.

✅ Port Orifice Cleaner: It is removed from the scraper and is essential for keeping the burners free of blockages.

✅ Venturi Brush with Flexible Wand: Designed to clean inner tubes and extend gas efficiency.

✅ Heat Resistant and Practical Hanging Loops: Handles designed to resist heat and facilitate storage of the kit.

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SKU: 62045

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Product description

The Burner Cleaning Kit is a specialised set designed to ensure optimal cleaning and maintenance of your grill burners. This kit is indispensable for those who wish to keep their barbecue in optimal condition and ensure a long service life of the equipment. Comprising specific tools such as an angled cleaning brush, a fire container scraper, a port hole cleaner, and a Venturi brush with a flexible wand, this kit facilitates deep cleaning, a crucial aspect in the care of any grill.

Angled Cleaning Brush

The angled cleaning brush is perfect for accessing difficult areas inside the grill, allowing thorough cleaning without damaging surfaces. Bristles designed to withstand heat and grease make it easy to remove burnt residue, improving barbecue performance and ensuring purer flavours in your grills.

Fire Container Scraper

The fire container scraper is designed to effectively clean the combustion chamber of the grill. Its heat-resistant material allows the removal of ash and charred residue without damaging the steel or any other burner material, prolonging the life of the burner and maintaining its efficiency.

Port Orifice Cleaner

This cleaner specialises in unclogging burner orifices, crucial to maintaining an even and efficient flame. When removed from the fire container scraper, this cleaner offers a practical and effective solution to keep the gas flow constant and safe, avoiding performance or safety issues.

Venturi Brush with Flexible Wand

The Venturi brush is ideal for cleaning internal burner tubes where deposits and cobwebs build up and can obstruct gas flow. Its flexible wand allows you to reach complex internal areas, ensuring that every component is operating at its maximum capacity.

Benefits of Proper Maintenance

Keeping grill components clean not only extends the life of the equipment, but also improves cooking quality and safety. With the Burner Cleaning Kit, this task becomes a simple and efficient process, allowing users to enjoy a perfect barbecue experience every time.


  • Includes:
    • Angle cleaning brush with integrated scraper
    • Cleaning brush for Venturi tubes
    • Combustion chamber scraper
    • Burner cavity cleaner
  • Features of the Angular Cleaning Brush:
    • Type of bristles: Stainless steel
    • Total length: 38 cm
    • Width: 6 cm
    • Height: 6,9 cm
  • Features of the Combustion Chamber Scraper:
    • Material: Hard plastic
    • Total length: 29,5 cm
    • Width: 7 cm
    • Height: 3,2 cm
    • Additional details: No damage to steel; port hole cleaner removes from the scraper
  • Pipe Cleaner Features:
    • Total length: 67 cm
    • Diameter: 2,9 cm
    • Flexibility: Flexible wand for cleaning the inside of the burners
  • Functionality: Facilitates cleaning and maintenance of gas grills
  • Extras:
    • Handles: Heat-resistant with hanging loop
    • Contents of the box:
      • 1 cleaning brush with grille scraper
      • 1 scraper with mandrel
      • 1 tube cleaner
  • Recommended use: Seasonal deep cleaning of gas grills

Technical specifications

Weight 0,52 kg
Dimensions 7 × 11 × 38 cm

Data Sheet

Weight 0,52 kg
Dimensions 7 × 11 × 38 cm

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