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The Traeger brand has always been synonymous with quality, but now it is also synonymous with sustainability and adaptability to current times. You want to know why? We tell you.
The origin of the brand
It is situated inMt. Angel (in the state of Oregon)in the 1980s last year, when its engineers created the wood-burning barbecue. Since then, they have led the sector, but always with new designs and betting on the most current trends.

Thus, each barbecue is a tribute to the most classic design and, of course, to being able to cook healthily with the least effort and with maximum flavor. Simply turn on the fire, choose the ingredient you prefer and start cooking at your own pace. The nuance that the firewood provides is as characteristic as it is essential. But don’t think that the brand continues to offer the same as other competitors in the 21st century.
How pellet barbecues work
Here is how the company confirms its commitment to sustainability. Instead of forcing their clients to look for firewood, they opt for natural pellets that go from a hopper to a burner to be lit. The lower fan distributes the heat evenly, the drip tray is ideal to avoid uncontrollable flare-ups.

In addition, you will always have a thermostat at hand that allows you to know what the exact temperature is. This way, you can chat with your guests while the barbecue is in full swing.
Is it possible to buy Traeger products in Spain?
Yes, in fact the Traeger brand in Spain is increasingly popular. We are going to describe some of the models available in case you decide to renew your barbecue:

Ranger. Rectangular in shape, it closes completely as if it were a travel suitcase. It has a central griddle and a side part to keep cooking utensils close at hand.
Ironwood. The classic metal drum open in half has become a smart product. In fact, it includes a digital panel that connects to your mobile phone so you can control the temperature as you prefer. In addition, it is very effective for preparing grilled meats and fish, a cake, a suckling pig or a pizza.
Timberline. A beautiful drum with the outside carved with the brand name is completed with stable legs (two of them with wheels) so you can put your barbecue wherever you prefer. It reaches a temperature of 260º and can be used as a wood oven or to smoke any ingredient.
Pro. Its chimney, its shape and its reliability are the main advantages of this range of barbecues. They rely on indirect heat to make it easier for you to achieve the golden or crispy point that you prefer in each case.

Why is Traeger different from other brands?
Basically, because it doesn’t repeat the same design over and over again. Rather, he prefers to continually innovate to achieve surprising results. The inclusion of a temperature regulating panel means that you can get each dish to have the perfect touch.

As for theresistance to continued useof each barbecue, it is excellent. The choice of materials that withstand all types of external agents is always revealing of the brand’s concern for offering a quality product. The goal is for you to pay a fair amount for a product that will last for decades without showing even the slightest sign of wear.

Pero lo más importante es que no conciben sus barbacoas como un mero dispositivo donde colocar pellets y generar calor. Para la marca, cada producto es un utensilio de cocina que debe facilitarte que puedas elegir el punto exacto de jugosidad, el toque de crujiente y todos los matices gustativos que estimes oportunos.

Si a ello se le añade que estéticamente son unas barbacoas que pueden servirte para decorar tu jardín, el resultado no puede ser más satisfactorio. En tus manos está elegir una barbacoa estándar o una profesional que te permita cocinar como un profesional y presentarles platos a tus invitados siempre en su punto exacto de cocción.

Traeger es una marca líder en su sector que no deja de innovar. Esperamos que la información anterior haya sido de tu agrado y que te sea más fácil tomar la decisión que prefieras al respecto de cómo quieres cocinar a la barbacoa a partir de ahora. Seguro que seleccionas la opción perfecta para tus intereses y la que mejor encaja contigo.