Kamado Big Joe III – Kamado Joe

✅ 61 cm ceramic grill: For even and long-lasting baking.

✅ Galvanised grill trolley: Heavy duty and locking castors for ease of movement.

✅ 2903 cm² of cooking space: Ideal for large feasts.

✅ Divide & Conquer cooking system: It allows cooking at several temperatures simultaneously.

✅ SlōRoller hyperbolic insert: Transforms the grill into an efficient smoker.

✅ Kontrol Tower™ Overhead Duct: Maintains constant air setting.

✅ Air Lift™ pneumatic hinge: Reduces the weight of the lid for easy opening.

✅ Stainless steel charcoal basket: Facilitates cleaning.

✅ Double thickness Fireglass mesh seal: Provides a superior hermetic seal.

✅ Included accessories: Stainless steel latch, AMP firebox, built-in thermometer, folding side shelves, grill clamp and ash tool.

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SKU: KJ15041021

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Product description

The Kamado Big Joe III is Kamado Joe’s most innovative and highest performing kamado barbecue. Designed to offer a premium grilling experience, this 61 cm ceramic grill provides a generous cooking space of 2903 cm², ideal for large feasts. The Big Joe III is second to none, equipped with advanced features such as the Divide & Conquer 3-level flexible cooking system, the hyperbolic SlōRoller insert, and the Kontrol Tower™ top duct.

High Quality Ceramic Design

The Big Joe III is constructed with thick-walled ceramic, which ensures excellent heat retention and distribution. This feature allows cooking at low and high temperatures, from slow smoking to baking pizzas at over 300°C, offering versatility and efficiency in any situation. The ceramic used in the construction of the Big Joe III is robust and very efficient in terms of thermal insulation. This ensures that the heat remains constant inside, providing even cooking. In addition, the ceramic’s ability to retain heat significantly reduces the amount of charcoal required, making the grill more economical and environmentally friendly.

Extensive and Versatile Cooking Space

With 2903 cm² of cooking space, the Big Joe III is perfect for preparing meals for large groups. Its flexible 3-level Divide & Conquer cooking system allows different foods to be cooked at different temperatures simultaneously, optimising grill space and efficiency. This versatile cooking space allows you to grill, smoke and bake at the same time, which is ideal for large events and gatherings. The multi-tiered design offers the flexibility to use different heat zones, allowing users to cook a variety of foods without worrying about flavour transfer between them.

Innovative Hyperbolic SlōRoller Insert

The SlōRoller is one of Kamado Joe’s latest innovations, designed to transform the grill into a smoker. This insert distributes heat and smoke evenly, providing exceptionally flavourful and even cooking results. It is ideal for slow grilling and low temperature cooking up to 260°C. The technology behind the SlōRoller uses principles of aerodynamic physics to create waves of smoke and heat that circulate within the cooking chamber. This continuous flow of air ensures that heat and smoke are evenly distributed around the food, resulting in juicier meats and deeper flavours.

Kontrol Tower™ Overhead Duct

The Kontrol Tower™ top duct ensures precise airflow control, maintaining constant settings even when opening and closing the lid. This feature is crucial for maintaining a constant and controlled temperature, essential for perfect results in every use. The Kontrol Tower™ is designed to be weather and heat resistant, ensuring long-term durability. This duct also allows for fine adjustments in ventilation, which is essential for precise cooking techniques such as slow smoking and high temperature grilling.

Air Lift™ Pneumatic Hinge

The Big Joe III grill lid is equipped with an Air Lift™ pneumatic hinge, which significantly reduces the weight of the dome. This feature makes opening and closing the lid a simple process, improving the overall user experience. The Air Lift™ hinge is especially useful for handling the heavy ceramic lid without risk of damage or excessive strain. This technology not only increases safety when using the grill but also makes it easier to access the cooking area at any time.

Heavy Duty Galvanised Grill Carriage

The Big Joe III includes a heavy-duty galvanised grill cart with locking wheels, providing stability and ease of mobility. This robust trolley also features a storage shelf for added convenience during grilling. The design of the trolley is designed to support the considerable weight of the grill, ensuring that it remains stable during use. Locking castors allow the grill to be moved with ease and locked into place when stability is needed.

Efficient Ash Collection System

The stainless steel charcoal basket facilitates cleaning by quickly separating the excess charcoal from the ashes. This efficient system ensures that your grill is always ready for the next use without hassle. Ease of cleaning is a crucial aspect for frequent grill users. The stainless steel charcoal basket is corrosion resistant and facilitates quick ash removal, reducing maintenance time and allowing more time to enjoy grilling.

Top Hermetic Sealing System

The double-thickness Fireglass wire mesh gasket provides a superior airtight seal, retaining heat and smoke inside the cooking chamber. This not only improves grilling efficiency but also contributes to more even and juicier cooking results. This superior sealing is essential to maintain constant internal temperatures and prevent heat loss, which is essential for long, low-temperature cooking. It also helps to keep food juicy and maximise flavour by retaining aromas within the grill.

Additional Details and Accessories Included

The Kamado Big Joe III comes with several additional accessories and features, including a built-in thermometer, folding aluminium side shelves, grill tongs and an ash tool. These features enhance functionality and ease of use, making the Big Joe III a complete, high quality option for grilling enthusiasts. The included accessories are designed to enhance the user experience, providing practical tools that make food preparation and handling easier. Folding side shelves offer additional space for utensils and dishes, while the tongs and ash tools make handling and cleaning easier and safer.

The Kamado Joe Big Joe III in Detail

The Big Joe III not only stands out for its technical innovations but also for its robust and detailed construction. Made of high-quality ceramic with an additional ceramic interior, it provides optimal heat reflection and storage. The lid, equipped with an air pressure hinge, is effortlessly operated, reducing the force required by 96%. The stable undercarriage, made of solid galvanised steel, and the swivel castors allow the grill to be transported quickly and conveniently. Hinged side shelves made of heat- and weather-resistant aluminium provide additional storage space, making it easy to organise utensils and ingredients.

Divide & Conquer 3-Level System

The Divide & Conquer system allows different cooking methods to be combined on a single grill. Users can take advantage of direct and indirect heat at the same time, cook on several levels and combine different accessories such as the griddle or grill stone. This flexibility maximises grilling possibilities and makes it easy to prepare complete meals with various elements cooked to perfection.

Advanced Technology and Accessories

The Big Joe III includes an innovative AMP fire nest and 304 grade stainless steel grill basket. The top vent controller in the control tower and patented ash extractor ensure precise handling and efficient cleaning. The built-in thermometer and folding side shelves add convenience and functionality, making the Big Joe III an exceptional choice for any grilling enthusiast.

Precise Temperature Control System

The Big Joe III’s ability to maintain consistent and accurate temperatures is one of its strongest points. The Kontrol Tower™ top duct and Fireglass wire mesh gasket work together to provide precise control of airflow, allowing the internal temperature to be adjusted precisely according to cooking needs.

Ideal for Low and High Temperature Cooking

Thanks to its robust design and its ability to retain heat, the Big Joe III is ideal for both low temperature cooking, such as slow-smoking meats, and high temperature cooking, such as baking pizzas or searing meats. This versatility makes it an indispensable tool for any grill master.

Versatile Accessories

The numerous accessories included with the Big Joe III, such as the grill tongs, ash pusher, side shelves and built-in thermometer, provide users with everything they need for a complete and satisfying grilling experience. Each accessory is designed to complement the grill’s functionality and enhance convenience and performance.

Continuous Innovation

The Big Joe III is the result of continuous development and improvement of previous models. Kamado Joe has incorporated numerous detailed improvements that make grilling easier and more fun. Every feature and accessory has been designed and tested to provide an unparalleled grilling experience while keeping quality and performance at the heart of its design.

Safety and Ease of Use

The Big Joe III’s safety features, such as the pneumatic Air Lift™ hinge and stable grill carriage, ensure that users can enjoy a safe and effortless grilling experience. In addition, easy cleaning and simple maintenance ensure that the grill is always ready for the next use.


  • Dimensions:
    • Width: 148 cm
    • Height: 137 cm
    • Depth: 91,44 cm (36 inches)
    • Net weight: 221 kg
  • Materials:
    • Cover material: Ceramics
    • Baking chamber material: Ceramics
    • Base unit material: Galvanised steel
    • Colour: Red
    • Fire basket material: Stainless steel
    • Material of the structure: Ceramics
  • Heat range:
    • Minimum temperature: 107 °C
    • Maximum temperature: 399 °C
  • Cooking surface:
    • Diameter: 61 cm
    • Maximum cooking space: 2903 cm²
    • Grill material: Stainless steel (quality 304)
  • Special features:
    • Divide & Conquer 3-level flexible cooking system: It allows several foods to be cooked at different temperatures simultaneously.
    • SlōRoller hyperbolic insert: Turns the grill into a smoker and distributes heat and smoke evenly.
    • Top duct Kontrol Tower: Maintains a constant air setting during the opening and closing of the dome.
    • Air Lift™ pneumatic hinge: Significantly reduces the weight of the dome, making it easier to handle.
    • Stainless steel charcoal basket: Facilitates cleaning by quickly separating the excess charcoal from the ashes.
    • Double thickness Fireglass wire mesh seal: Provides a superior hermetic seal.
    • Built-in thermometer: Allows the internal temperature of the grill to be monitored.
    • Stainless steel cooking grids: Durable and corrosion resistant.
    • Aluminium finished folding side shelves/handles: They offer additional storage space and resistance to heat and weather.
    • Stainless steel latch: Ensures proper closure of the dome.
    • AMP cooker: Improves the durability and performance of the cooker.
    • Ash collection system: Simplifies cleaning.
    • Grill tongs and ash tool: Included for easy handling and cleaning.
    • Integrated cutlery holder: Facilitates the storage of kitchen utensils.
    • Height adjustable grill: Allows the height of the grill to be adjusted according to cooking requirements.
  • Premium grill trolley:
    • Material: High-strength galvanised steel
    • Stability: Provides maximum stability and luxury
    • Locking wheels: Facilitate mobility
    • Storage shelf: Adds extra convenience for storage
  • Contents of the box:
    • Kamado Joe Big Joe III Grill
    • Stable undercarriage
    • Aluminium folding side shelves
    • SlōRoller hyperbolic insert
    • Stainless steel charcoal basket
    • Divide & Conquer System
    • Stainless steel grill
    • Deflector stone
    • Barbecue tongs
    • Ash pusher

Technical specifications

Weight 240 kg
Dimensions 90 × 98 × 123 cm

Data Sheet

Weight 240 kg
Dimensions 90 × 98 × 123 cm

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