Charcoal Barbecue Pro Cart Kettle Ø 57cm – Napoleon

Weather-protected flap valve: Maintains optimal conditions despite the weather.

ACCU PROBE™ Thermometer: Allows precise temperature control.

Cast iron grill with trap doors: Facilitates the addition of charcoal and ensures uniform heat.

Vortex heat management system: Guarantees a consistent temperature over the entire surface.

Sturdy base with swivel castors: It provides stability and makes it easy to move.



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Product description

The Napoleon PRO-CART charcoal barbecue Ø 57 cm is an ideal solution for barbecue enthusiasts who want a combination of tradition and modernity in their outdoor cooking equipment. This model stands out for its multifunctional design that incorporates advanced control elements and durability, ensuring a superior cooking experience.

Robust Structure & Manoeuvrability

The barbecue has a specially designed chassis for stability and ease of movement. This robust design includes two large wheels and two swivel castors, making it easy to move on different surfaces. This feature is essential for adapting the location of the barbecue to the needs of the event or available space, allowing the user to enjoy flexibility without compromising safety or effort.

Optimised Workspace and Storage

The folding side shelf is a real game changer, offering extra space right where it’s needed. This shelf comes equipped with hooks for hanging cooking utensils, keeping essential accessories within easy reach and helping to keep the work area uncluttered and organised. This thoughtful design transforms the barbecue into a complete workstation, where you can prepare, cook and serve with great efficiency.

Temperature Control Innovations

The ACCU PROBE™ lid thermometer and vortex heat management system are technological highlights that ensure perfect cooking results. The thermometer allows precise monitoring of the interior temperature without the need to open the lid, while the vortex system distributes heat evenly, eliminating hot and cold spots inside the cooking chamber. These features ensure that food is cooked evenly, improving the quality and consistency of dishes.

Durability & Simplified Maintenance

The barbecue surface uses porcelain enamel and cast iron in its construction, offering exceptional resistance against wear and corrosion. In addition, the design includes an ash collection system with integrated flaps that simplifies the addition of charcoal and subsequent cleaning, promoting easier and faster maintenance that allows the user to enjoy more of the event and less of the cleaning.

Versatile Grilling Capacity

With the optional expansion of the cooking chamber to fit a rotisserie, this barbecue becomes a versatile tool capable of handling a variety of cooking techniques. From fast roasts to slow and low temperature cooking, the ability to adapt the cooking space allows the home chef to explore a wider range of recipes and grilling techniques.

Improvements to the 2024 model

The evolution of Napoleon models from previous versions to 2024 shows a clear focus on improved user control and adaptability. Improvements in air regulation and weather protection are directly beneficial in varied climates, ensuring that the barbecue can be used efficiently whatever the weather. These innovations not only enhance the user experience but also extend the life and functionality of the equipment, demonstrating Napoleon’s commitment to excellence in design and functionality in its barbecues.


  • Dimensions of the barbecue:
    • Width: 116 cm
    • Depth: 75 cm
    • Height: 111 cm
  • Main features:
    • Side shelf: Foldable with cutlery hooks, provides more work surface directly on the grill
    • Heat management system: Vortex, air distributor for uniform grill temperatures
    • Thermometer: ACCU PROBE™ on the lid for easy temperature control
    • Grill material: Solid enamelled cast iron in wavy design Ø 57 cm
    • Ash pan: Removable with integrated air regulation
    • Lid handle: Cool-Touch with thermal insulation, also suitable for transportation
    • Chassis: Robust, manoeuvrable with 2 large and 2 swivel wheels
    • Accessories: Cutlery hooks on carrying handle and integrated bottle opener
  • Materials:
    • Lid and cooking chamber material: Enamelled steel
    • Colour: Black
  • Additional Features:
    • Air regulation: On the lid and the grill tray, both infinitely adjustable
    • Fixing the lid: Hinge, allows easy opening and closing
  • Warranty
    • Porcelain enamelled lid and exterior: 10 years
    • Air control system: 5 years full cover, plus 50% discount for the first 10 years
    • Porcelain enamelled cast iron cooking grates: 5 years full cover, plus 50% discount for the first 10 years
    • Chrome-plated steel cooking grids: 3 years full coverage, plus 50% discount for the first 10 years
    • All other parts: 2 years

Comparison between previous models and 2024:

  • Optimised air regulation: From model 2024 onwards, the continuously adjustable vent valve in the lid is protected from rain and wind by a cover.
  • Expansion of the cooking chamber: In the 2024 model, the cooking chamber extension includes holes for spits and can easily be equipped with a spit (optional), eliminating the need for an additional spit extension as in the previous model.

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Weight 40 kg

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