Barbecue Cover 70 x 80Ø cm – Landmann

✅ Made of robust PVC for an unbreakable defence.

✅ Precise dimensions for kettle grills: 70 x 80 (Ø/A) cm.

✅ Complete protection against rain, UV rays and low temperatures.

✅ Adjustable system with hook-and-loop fastener at the base for a secure hold.

✅ Affordable price without compromising quality and durability.

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SKU: 15700

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Product description

By appreciating the image provided, we can better understand how the Barbecue Cover 70 x 80Ø cm looks aesthetically and adapt the description to the visual specifications. Here is the description with the sections you have requested:

Protection and Longevity for your Kettle Barbecue

This special protective cover for kettle barbecues is the ultimate shield against the elements, meticulously designed to fit barbecues measuring 70cm in diameter and 80cm in height. Made from robust PVC, this cover ensures an impenetrable barrier against rain, sun and cold, preserving the integrity and prolonging the life of your barbecue. Quality and price come together to offer a solution for those who value durability without compromising their wallet.

Adaptability to Specific Measures

Created to accurately wrap around mounted barbecues measuring 70 x 80 cm (Ø/H), this cover fits like a second skin over the grill, ensuring there is no room for the elements to seep in. The precision design is complemented by a hook-and-loop fastener adjustment system at the base, allowing customisation of the fit and preventing slippage or tipping.

Robust Barrier Against the Elements

Polyvinyl chloride, known for its strength and durability, forms the basis of this protective cover. This material not only withstands adverse weather conditions but also protects against sun damage such as fading or degradation of your barbecue material.

Year Round Protection

Regardless of the season, the Barbecue Cover 70 x 80Ø cm offers complete protection. No more worries about spring rain, hot summer sun or winter frost. Your barbecue will be safe and ready for the next use.

A Smart Investment

This cover not only protects your barbecue but is also a smart economic investment. Protecting your grill means fewer repairs and replacements, and this cover offers that peace of mind at an affordable price.

Enhanced Security

The hook and loop fastener detail at the base of the cover provides extra security. This adjustment ensures that the cover stays in place even on the windiest of days, keeping your barbecue protected and ready to fire up at a moment’s notice.

An Essential Complement

As an essential addition to any kettle grill owner, the Barbecue Cover 70 x 80Ø cm represents the perfect combination of functionality and protection. Whatever the weather, your barbecue will be protected and preserved with this Landmann cover designed to last.


  • Material: PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), providing resistance to rain, sun and cold.
  • Compatible Dimensions: Suitable for grills with a size of 70 cm length x 80 cm diameter (Ø).
  • Compatibility: Suitable for all mounted grills with the above-mentioned dimensions.
  • Main Function: Protection of the grill against adverse weather conditions.
  • Additional Benefits: Helps to keep the grill safe and prolongs its life.

Technical specifications

Weight 6,5 kg
Dimensions 38 × 32 × 1 cm

Data Sheet

Weight 6,5 kg
Dimensions 38 × 32 × 1 cm

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