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More than 20 years creating premium products!

Louisiana grills’ Founders Series Legacy line brings years of pellet ingenuity into a sophisticated barbecue experience.

It’s the perfect grill for exquisite flavor backed by the latest technology. With the Legacy Wood Pellet Grill, you’ll enjoy advanced amenities like the LG ™ touch screen control panel and Wi-Fi connection.

Control and monitor the temperature accurately using the perfect connection via Bluetooth or WIFI, all within the Louisiana Grills app. In addition to a completely redesigned burn system, Louisiana Grills’ Founders Series Legacy line also offer higher temperatures, at faster speeds than ever before.

The stunning stainless steel design complements the premium double wall stainless steel construction. The legacy series also come with powerful 8-in-1 cooking versatility, sturdy hopper capacity, easy skid plate boiler access, side shelf with built-in tool hooks, and more.

Louisiana Grills Founders Series grills are the legacy of the pellet grill revolutionized with today’s technology.

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Flavored pellets, to combine your barbecue with the best Louisiana brand pellets, in addition to offering a unique flavor to your meals.

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