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This brand has taken its years of experience to another level.

Combining the charcoal with the gas they have obtained one of the most versatile barbecues out there, the flavor that the charcoal brings plus the ease of using the gas. The days of choosing between a gas or charcoal barbecue will be over, you can enjoy the best of both!

What makes us special

Grillstream system

The days of flames and burnt food are over thanks to the Grillstream system, you can cook without the worry of the barbecue burning and the food will be healthier and tastier than ever.

Hybrid system

The hybrid system gives you the versatility to use gas or coal. You just have to lift the grill and put the charcoal (Briquettes), with the gas you can easily light it or you can use the gas alone, that's how easy it is.

Gastro modular system

The gastro modular system will offer you different cooking methods, from a round griddle to a round pizza stone, a chicken grill or a wok.

Grillstream grills

Hybrid Barbecues! The ease of the gas plus the taste of coal. Here you will find all the models that will fit your needs.

Grillstream Accessories

A great selection of barbecue accessories to help you achieve the best results with your barbecue and to cook delicious dishes.

Grillstream lifestyle