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WIFI Pellet grills

Control and monitor your grill on the go, remotely with our server mode or from your home WiFi network.

Make the difference

Dual fan system

It maintains constant temperatures even in the most extreme days of meteorology, achieves a homogeneous distribution of heat and a complete consumption of combustion.

Wide grill space

With its unique spike-finished styling, it increases the space on the grill for cooking large chunks of food.

Digital remote controller

Control and monitor everything from the App on your mobile. Create and program profiles to repeat the same dishes. Create alarms and receive notifications to be able to control your barbecue more without being on it.

Heat distribution

The heat distribution plate creates even heat throughout the grill. In some models there are different positions for the distribution board.

These barbecues are the mix of kitchen culture with today’s technology. GMG are pioneers in creating these amazing machines and have been perfecting them for years to get what they wanted.

Smart control,
unique flavor
  • Controls and monitors the temperature of the grill and food.
  • Create and set cooking profiles.
  • Set timers and receive alerts.

Green Mountain Pellet Flavors

Green Mountain pellets are made of 100% natural wood (sawdust). They maintain their shape due to the lignin itself released by the wood. They do not have fillers or additives, they are 100% organic.

Cook like a chef. All kinds of tools to improve your grill level.

Green Mountain Lifesyle